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About Nannies

Four New York babysitters navigate dysfunctional parents, inquisitive kids, and their own apathy.

"Not my kid. Yes my problem."

Mariette, Alex, Marie and Eric all met as company members at the Flea Theater in TriBeca.  There they discovered they had one overwhelming connection: they all moonlit as Brooklyn babysitters. The four bonded over war stories (that sometimes felt like horror stories) as well as triumphs. As time went on they started recommending each other for jobs, covering each other’s shifts, and working for the same network of families. They had gone through so much together, making each other laugh and (sometimes) almost cry so often they decided they wanted to somehow share their experiences and unique perspective into the world of New York childcare and parenting.


The idea for the show casually evolved in conversation until Eric pitched the idea to Dolan who organized a group meeting where the many ideas for a show were paired down. Through this process they decided that they wanted to focus on the bizzare, intimate, and sometimes challenging dynamic that develops between a nanny and their employers. And so they set out to make “proof-of-concept” content that materialized into the pilot. Without a budget, the decision was made to focus solely on the group of nannies who gather on a bench for a weekly playdate, excluding the parents and children they are in charge of. After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the team shot six original episodes that will make up the first full season, and the audience gets to meet some these parents and kids and see these relationships up close. So stay tuned for the release of Nannies Season One!

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